Electricity 3: Power Generation and Delivery

Electricity 3: Power Generation and Delivery 

Jeffrey J. Keljik

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The tenth edition of ELECTRICITY 3 has been updated to provide more topics and concepts to better reflect the current workplace. At the same time, the text has retained the features and style of previous editions that have made it so popular. The text introduces the concepts of power generation and distribution. The material is broken down into short segments that concentrate on specific concepts or applications of particular types of equipment. The detailed explanations are written in easy-to-understand language and concisely present the needed information. Many illustrations and photographs help provide the technical understanding and real-world references. This type of explanation and application better prepares the student to perform effectively on the job in installing, troubleshooting, repairing, and servicing electrical power generation and delivery.

Content :
  • 1 Operating Principles of Dc Generators
  • 2 Separately Excited Dc Generator 
  • 3 Self-excited Shunt Generator 
  • 4 Compound-wound Dc Generator
  • 5 Summary Review of Units 1–4 
  • 6 Single-phase Ac Generation Principles
  • 7 Introduction to Polyphase Circuits
  • 8 Three-phase Wye Connection
  • 9 Three-phase Delta Connection
  • 10 Summary Review of Units 6–9
  • 11 Three-phase Alternators
  • 12 Engine-driven Generating Sets
  • 13 Operation of Three-phase Alternators
  • 14 Wiring for Alternators
  • 15 Alternative Power Sources
  • 16 Summary Review of Units 11–15
  • 17 Transformer Basics
  • 18 Single-phase Transformers
  • 19 Single-phase, Three-wire Secondary System
  • 20 Single-phase Transformers Connected
  • In Delta and Open Delta
  • 21 Single-phase Transformers Connected in Wye Systems
  • 22 Alternate Wye and Delta Connections of Transformers
  • 23 Instrument Transformers
  • 24 Three-phase Transformers, Power Relaying, and Monitoring
  • 25 Transformer Installations and the National Electrical Code® 
  • 26 Summary Review of Units 17–25

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