Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Handbook

Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Handbook 

Robert W. Day

Preference :

The purpose of this book is to present the practical aspects of geotechnical earthquake engineering. Because of the assumptions and uncertainties associated with geotechnical engineering, it is often described as an “art” rather than an exact science. Geotechnical earth- quake engineering is even more challenging because of the inherent unknowns associated with earthquakes. Because of these uncertainties in earthquake engineering, simple analy- ses are prominent in this book, with complex and theoretical evaluations kept to an essen- tial minimum.

Content :
  • Introduction
  • Basic Earthquake Principles
  • Common Earthquake Effects
  • Earthquake Structural Damage
  • Site Investigation For Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
  • Liquefaction
  • Earthquake-induced Settlement
  • Bearing Capacity Analyses For Earthquakes
  • Slope Stability Analyses For Earthquakes
  • Retaining Wall Analyses For Earthquakes
  • Other Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Analyses
  • Grading And Other Soil Improvement Methods
  • Foundation Alternatives To Mitigate Earthquake Effects
  • Earthquake Provisions In Building Codes

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