Handbook of Machining and Metalworking Calculations

Handbook of Machining and Metalworking Calculations 

Ronald A. Walsh

Preference :

This handbook contains most of the basic and advanced calculation procedures required for machining and metalworking applications. This calculation procedure should be performed on a modern pocket calculator in order to save time and reduce or eliminate errors while improving accuracy. Correct bracketing procedures are required when entering equations into the pocket calculator, and it is for this reason that I recommend the selection of a calculator that shows all entered data on the calculator display and that can be scrolled. That type of calculator will allow you to scroll or review the entered equation and check for proper bracketing sequences, prior to pressing “ENTER” or =. If the bracketing sequences of an entered equation are incorrect, the calculator will indicate “Syntax error,” or give an incorrect solution to the problem. Examples of proper bracketing for entering equations in the pocket calculator are shown in Chap. 1 and in Chap. 11, where the complex four-bar linkage is analyzed and explained.

Content :
  • 1 Mathematics For Machinists And Metalworkers
  • 2 Mensuration Of Plane And Solid Figures
  • 3 Layout Procedures For Geometric Figures
  • 4 Measurement And Calculation Procedures For Machinists
  • 5 Formulas And Calculations For Machining Operations
  • 6 Formulas For Sheet Metal Layout And Fabrication
  • 7 Gear And Sprocket Calculations
  • 8 Ratchets And Cam Geometry
  • 9 Bolts, Screws, And Thread Calculations
  • 10 Spring Calculations—die And Standard Types
  • 11 Mechanisms, Linkage Geometry, And Calculations
  • 12 Classes Of Fits For Machined Parts—calculations

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