Hydraulics of Open Channel Flow

Hydraulics of Open Channel Flow 

Richard F. Fellows

Preference :

The Modern Construction Handbook has become a building construction classic and is used as a textbook in many courses. Its systematic approach with chapters on materials, walls, roofs, construction, and environment offers a clear and efficient orientation. Digital fabrication techniques are included as well (complementing traditional production processes) and presented in an instructional book for the first time. The third edition has been thoroughly updated and now provides More information more annotation of drawings, more text on the page. The updated future chapter with more emerging construction techniques. Updated essays on construction in the introduction Chapter 1. Mote technical data in the Materials Chapter. The content in this third edition has been completely reworked which makes it an even more valuable companion for students and young practitioners!"

Content :
  • 1 - Introduction
  • 2 - Fundamental equations
  • 3 - Applications of the Bernoulli equation to open channel flows
  • 4 - Applications of the momentum principle: hydraulic jump, surge and flow resistance in open channels
  • 5 - Uniform flows and gradually varied flows
  • 6 - Introduction to sediment transport in open channels
  • 7 - Sediment transport and sediment properties
  • 8 - Inception of sediment motion – occurrence of bedload motion
  • 9 - Inception of suspended-load motion
  • 10 - Sediment transport mechanisms: 1. Bed-load transport
  • 11 - Sediment transport mechanisms: 2. Suspended-load transport
  • 12 - Sediment transport capacity and total sediment transport
  • 13 - Summary of basic hydraulic principles
  • 15 - Numerical modeling of steady open channel flows: backwater computations
  • 16 - Unsteady open channel flows: 1. Basic equations
  • 17 - Unsteady open channel flows: 2. Applications
  • 18 - Introduction to the design of hydraulic structures
  • 19 - Design of weirs and spillways
  • 20 - Design of drop structures and stepped cascades
  • 21 - Culvert design

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