Hydrogeology: Principles and Practice

Hydrogeology: Principles and Practice 

Kevin Hiscock

Preference :

This book is about the study of hydrogeology and the significance of groundwater in the terrestrial aquatic environment. Water is a precious natural resource, without which there would be no life on Earth. We, ourselves, are comprised of two-thirds water by body weight. Our everyday lives depend on the availability of inexpensive, clean water and safe ways to dispose of it after use. Water supplies are also essential in supporting food production and industrial activity. As a source of water, groundwater obtained from beneath the Earth’s surface is often cheaper, more convenient and less vulnerable to pollution than surface water.

Content :
  • Introduction
  • 2. Physical hydrogeology
  • 3. Groundwater and geological processes
  • 4. Chemical hydrogeology
  • 5. Environmental isotope hydrogeology
  • 6. Groundwater and catchment processes
  • 7. Groundwater investigation techniques
  • 8. Groundwater quality and contaminant hydrogeology
  • 9. Groundwater pollution remediation and protection
  • 10. Groundwater resources and environmental management
  • Appendices

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