Practical Project Management: Tips, Tactics and Tools

Practical Project Management: Tips, Tactics and Tools 

Harvey A. Levine

Preference :

Project Management has often been called the “accidental profession.” That designation has come about due to the preponderance of PM practitioners who have found their way to this field, not through a structured education or career strategy, but rather as a side trip from their planned careers. My side trip has lasted some 40 years and, thanks to many whom I have met along the way, the side trip has become a journey of discovery and fulfillment. This book records much of what I have learned and disseminated during that trip. Therefore, it is only fair that I express my gratitude not only to the direct contributors to this material, but also to those who helped to pave the way.

Content :
  • 1. Setting Up the Project Management Operation.
  • 2. Getting Started.
  • 3. Scheduling.
  • 4. Resource and Workforce Management.
  • 5. Budgeting and Cost Control.
  • 6. Risk Management and Contingency.
  • 7. Maintaining the Plan.
  • 8. Performance Measurement.
  • 9. Project Portfolio Management.
  • 10. Project Management, Enterprise Project Management, and Enterprise Resource Planning.
  • 11. Project Management and Professional Services Automation.
  • 12. Tools of the Trade.
  • 13. Making Project Management Work.

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