Prestressed Concrete: A Fundamental Approach, Fifth Edition

Prestressed Concrete: A Fundamental Approach, Fifth Edition 

Edward Nawy

Preference :

Completely revised to reflect the new ACI 318-05 Building Code and International Building Code, IBC 2003, this popular text offers a unique approach to examining the design of prestressed concrete members in a logical, step-by-step trial and adjustment procedure. Encouraging clear, systematic thinking, it integrates handy flow charts to help students better understand the steps needed for design and analysis. In addition, the major topics of material behavior, prestress losses, flexure, shear, torsion, and deflection-camber are sequentially self-contained and can be covered in one semester at the senior and graduate levels.

Content :
  •  1. Basic Concepts
  •  2. Materials and Systems for Prestressing
  •  3. Partial Loss of Prestress
  •  4. Flexural Design of Prestressed Concrete Elements
  •  5. Shear and Torsional Strength Design
  •  6. Indeterminate Prestressed Concrete Structures
  •  7. Camber, Deflection, and Crack Control
  •  8. Prestressed Compression and Tension Members
  •  9. Two-Way Prestressed Concrete Floor Systems
  • 10. Connections for Prestressed Concrete Elements
  • 11. Prestressed Concrete Circular Storage Tanks and Steel Roofs
  • 12. LRFD and Standard AASHTO Design of Concrete Bridges
  • 13. Seismic Design of Prestressed Concrete Structures

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