Principles of Transportation Engineering

Principles of Transportation Engineering 

Partha Chakroborty

Preference :

This book is designed to serve as a comprehensive text for undergraduate as well as first-year master’s students of civil engineering in India. Now, in the second edition, the book incorporates a thorough revision and extension of topics covered in the previous edition. In order to keep the treatment focused, the emphasis is on roadways (highways) based transportation systems.

Content :
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Properties Of Traffic Engineering Elements
  • 3. Highway Geometric Design
  • 4. Traffic Flow
  • 5. Design Of Traffic Facilities
  • 6. Public Transportation Systems
  • 7. Capacity Of Transit Systems
  • 8. Transportation Planning Process
  • 9. Transportation Demand Analysis
  • 10. Pavement Materials And Characterization
  • 11. Pavement Analysis
  • 12. Pavement Design
  • 13. Highway Construction
  • 14. Highway Maintenance
  • 15. Highway Economics And Finance

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