Structural Optimization Dynamic and Seismic Applications

Structural Optimization Dynamic and Seismic Applications 

Cheng, Franklin Y.,

Preference :

The major challenge in today’s structural engineering is to design better structures with an integrated approach and consideration of lower cost and required performance against damaging effects of dynamic forces and earthquakes. Structural optimization is based on rigorous mathematical formulation and computation algorithms for sizing structural elements and synthesizing systems. The book is a comprehensive presentation of optimization strategies currently in vogue and provides sufficient examples on how to use these theories for designing elements and systems. A specific emphasis is given to dynamic loads, in particular, seismic forces.

Content :
  • 1. Introduction to Structural Optimization  
  • 2. Fundamentals of Linear Programming  
  • 3. Linear Programming Optimization of Elastic Structural Systems  
  • 4. Introduction to Nonlinear Programming  
  • 5. Optimization of Rigid Frames  
  • 6. Gradient-Based Search Techniques  
  • 7. Energy Distribution for Optimality Criterion  
  • 8. Generalized Optimality Criteria Approach  
  • 9. Generalized Optimality Criteria Applied to Statically and Dynamically Loaded Structural Systems  
  • 10. Generalized Optimality Criteria Techniques  
  • 11. Nondeterministic Structural Optimization and Parametric Assessments  
  • 12. Multiobjective Optimization with Genetic Algorithm

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