Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Reuse

Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Reuse 

George Tchobanoglous

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Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Reuse, 4th Edition is a thorough update of McGraw-Hill's authoritative book on wastewater treatment. No environmental engineering professional or civil or and environmental engineering major should be without a copy of this book- tt describes the technological and regulatory changes that have occurred over the last ten years in this discipline, including: improved techniques for the characterization of wastewaters; improved fundamental understanding of many of the existing unit operations and processes used for wastewater treatment, especially those processes used for the biological removal of nutrients; greater implementation of several newer treatment technologies (e.g., UV disinfection, membrane filtration, and heat drying); greater concern for the long term health and environmental impacts of wastewater constituents; greater emphasis on advanced wastewater treatment and risk assessment for water reuse applications; changes in regulations and the development of new technologies for wastewater disinfection; and new regulations governing the treatment, reuse, and disposal of sludge (biosolids).

Content :
  • Chapter 1 : Wastewater Engineering: An Overview
  • Chapter 2 : Constituents in Wastewater
  • Chapter 3 : Analysis and Selection of Wastewater Flowrates and Constituent Loadings
  • Chapter 4 : Introduction to Process Analysis and Selection
  • Chapter 5 : Physical Unit Operations
  • Chapter 6 : Chemical Unit Processes
  • Chapter 7 : Fundamentals of Biological Treatment
  • Chapter 8 : Suspended Growth Biological Treatment Processes
  • Chapter 9 : Attached Growth and Combined Biological Treatment Processes
  • Chapter 10 : Anaerobic Suspended and Attached Growth Biological Treatment Processes
  • Chapter 11 : Advanced Wastewater Treatment
  • Chapter 12 : Disinfection Processes
  • Chapter 13 : Water Reuse
  • Chapter 14 : Treatment, Reuse, and Disposal of Solids and Biosolids
  • Chapter 15 : Issues Related to Treatment-Plant Performance

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