Design and Construction Building in Value

Design and Construction Building in Value 

Richard F. Fellows

Preference :

This is the second book in a series devoted to the concept of value in buildings, and how those who involved in building procurement may ultimately produce buildings that represent the best ‘value-for-money’ outcomes. Like its precursor, Building in Value: Pre-design Issues, it is intended both for students in construction- and property-related courses at the tertiary level and as a useful resource for industry professionals: property developers, project managers, and cost engineers among others. Once again a wide range of topics have been included, however, the design and construction of buildings is a broad and complex area and no single book could cover all the relevant areas. Once again, though, it brings together in one volume an introduction to many of the parts of the building procurement process that make up the design and construction phase. The reference and bibliography lists at the end of each chapter point readers to a wealth of related material and will thus facilitate the in-depth self-directed study of selected topics, while the editorial comments that precede most of the chapters tie the content of individual chapters to the central theme of ‘building in value’.

Content :
  • 1 Construction Management in Practice.
  • 2 Introduction to Strategic Management.
  • 3 Strategy Systems.
  • 4 Industrial Relations.
  • 5 Health and Safety in Construction.
  • 6 Managing People.
  • 7 Financing Business Units.
  • 8 Budgeting.
  • 9 Financial Performance.
  • 10 Quantitative Decision-making.
  • 11 Operational Research.

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