Geotechnical Engineering Design

Geotechnical Engineering Design 

Ming Xiao

Preference :

This book presents the fundamental design principles and approaches in geotechnical engineering, including an introduction to engineering geology, subsurface explorations, shallow and deep foundations, slope stability analyses and remediation, filters and drains, Earth retaining structures, geosynthetics, and basic seismic evaluations of slope stability, lateral earth pressures, and liquefaction. It is intended for use as a textbook in the geotechnical design courses for senior undergraduate and M.S. graduate students. Therefore, the topics covered in this book are presented to meet this level. This book applies the principles of soil mechanics and focuses on the design methodologies in geotechnical engineering. The readers of this book are expected to have undertaken a soil mechanics course and already understood the principles of engineering properties of soils, stresses in soils, seepage in soils, soils shear strength, and consolidation.

Content :
  • 1. Introduction to Engineering Geology
  • 2. Geotechnical Subsurface Exploration
  • 3. Shallow Foundation Design
  • 4. Introduction to Deep Foundation Design 
  • 5. Slope Stability Analyses and Stabilization Measures
  • 6. Filtration, Drainage, Dewatering, and Erosion Control
  • 7. Soil Retaining Structures
  • 8. Introduction to Geosynthetics Design
  • 9. Introduction to Geotechnical Earthquake Design

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