Introduction to Earthquake Engineering

Introduction to Earthquake Engineering 

Estrada, Hector

Preference :

Earthquake engineering is an important part of structural engineering. The primary purpose of Introduction to Earthquake Engineering is to provide students and practitioners with the fundamental and practical knowledge of how earthquake engineering is used in the design of lateral force-resisting systems for buildings and other structures. Special emphasis is placed on obtaining seismic loads using the most recent code specifications. The topics and illustrations presented in this text have been carefully chosen for students in courses dealing with seismic loads as part of an architectural, construction, or civil engineering-related curriculum: both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. An important and unique feature of Introduction to Earthquake Engineering is that it ties together the relationship and interdependence between structural dynamics and seismic loads based on code specifications.

Content :
  • Seismology. 
  • Introduction to Structural Dynamics. 
  • Response Spectrum Analysis of SDOF System. 
  • Generalized SDOF System Analysis. 
  • Multi-Degree-of-Freedom (MDOF) System Analysis for Support Motions. 
  • Equivalent Static Based Code Seismic Analysis. 
  • Dynamics-Based Code Seismic Analysis. 
  • Index.

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