Management of Construction Projects

Management of Construction Projects 

Brian Cooke

Preference :

Managing Construction Projects is based on personal observations of six construction projects, with the text following the work stages from commencement to completion of the projects. The content is based on the author’s observations of various aspects of each project. The information collected was freely given by the project managers, site managers, and surveying staff based on the projects. The head office and site organization structure are outlined on each of the pro- jects in relation to the main contractor. Relationships between the client’s and the contractor’s team were also considered. Site planning and programming routines on the various contracts are outlined. Extensive use was evident on all the projects that Asta Developments – Power Project planning software was extensively used. All projects relied on laptop computers to provide access to company documentation and procedures.

Content :
  • 1 Organisation of the Construction Process 
  • 2 Developing Construction Teams 
  • 3 Project Planning – Linked Bar Charts and Procurement Programmes 
  • 4 Contracts 
  • 5 Materials Management 
  • 6 Mechanical Handling and Risk Assessment 
  • 7 Managing Construction Defects 
  • 8 Hotel and Office Project Development 
  • 9 The Merlin Project 
  • 10 The Co-operative Head Office Building 
  • 11 Chinley School Project 
  • 12 Retail Unit and Car Park 
  • 13 University Refurbishment project
  • 14 Managing a Small Business

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