Reinforced Concrete Analysis and Design

Reinforced Concrete Analysis and Design 

S. S. Ray

Preference :

This book covers the analysis and design of reinforced concrete elements in foundations and superstructures in a logical, step-by-step fashion. The theory of reinforced concrete and the derivation of the code formulae have been clearly explained. The text is backed up by numerous illustrations, design charts, and tables referring frequently to the relevant codes of practice. A large number of worked examples cover almost all types of reinforced concrete elements. The step-by-step approach will ensure that all design requirements are logically adhered to, a standardized approach is established in a design office, and that a simplified procedure for checking and for quality assurance can be implemented. 

Content :
  • 1. Theory of Reinforced Concrete 
  • 2. Design of Reinforced Concrete Beams 
  • 3. Design of Reinforced Concrete Slabs 
  • 4. Design of Reinforced Concrete Columns 
  • 5. Design of Corbels and Nibs 
  • 6. Design of Pad Foundations 
  • 7. Design of Piled Foundations 
  • 8. Design of Walls 
  • 9. Design of Flat Slabs 
  • 10. Design of Connections 
  • 11. General Figures, Tables, Charts 

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