Rotating Machinery Vibration From Analysis to Troubleshooting

Rotating Machinery Vibration From Analysis to Troubleshooting 

Maurice L. Adams

Preference :

Every spinning rotor has some vibration, at least a once-per-revolution frequency component because it is of course impossible to make any rotor perfectly mass balanced. Experience has provided guidelines for quantifying approximate comfortable safe upper limits for allowable vibration levels on virtually all types of rotating machinery. It is rarely disputed that such limits are crucial to machine durability, reliability, and life. However, the appropriate magnitude of such vibration limits for specific machinery is often disputed, with the vendor’s limit usually being higher than a prudent equipment purchaser’s wishes. Final payment for a new machine is occasionally put on hold, pending resolution of the machine’s failure to operate below the vibration upper limits prescribed in the purchase specifications.

Content :
  • Primer on Rotor Vibration
  • Rotor Dynamic Analyses
  • Trouble-Shooting Case Studies
  • Monitoring and Diagnostics

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