Artificial Intelligence Basics.

Artificial Intelligence Basics.  

Tom Taulli

Preference :

This book takes a real-world view of technology. A big advantage I have as a writer for and an advisor in the tech world is that I get to talk to many talented people in the AI field—and this helps me to identify what is really important in the industry. I also get to learn about case studies and examples of what works. This book is organized in a way to cover the main topics in AI—and you do not have to read each chapter in order. Artificial Intelligence Basics is meant to be a handbook.

Content :
  • Chapter 1: AI Foundations 
  • Chapter 2: Data 
  • Chapter 3: Machine Learning 
  • Chapter 4: Deep Learning
  • Chapter 5: Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Chapter 6: Natural Language Processing (NLP) 
  • Chapter 7: Physical Robots
  • Chapter 8: Implementation of AI 
  • Chapter 9: The Future of AI
  • Appendix: AI Resources

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