Public Transit Planning and Operation: Theory, Modeling and Practice

Public Transit Planning and Operation 

Avishai Ceder

Preference :

Public Transit Planning and Operation: Modeling, Practice and Behavior, Second Edition offers new solutions for delivering both better services and greater efficiency, solutions which have been developed and tested by the author in over thirty years of research work with mass transit policy makers and operators all over the world. It bridges the worlds of practice and research and academia, provides an overview and a critique of currently used operational planning methods, and furnishes innovative practical techniques and modeling.

Content :
  • Introduction to transit-service planning. 
  • Data requirements and collection. 
  • Frequency and headway determination. 
  • Timetable development. 
  • Advanced timetables: Optimization and synchronization. 
  • Vehicle scheduling I: Fixed schedules. 
  • Vehicle scheduling II: Variable schedules. 
  • Vehicle type and size considerations in vehicle scheduling. 
  • Crew scheduling. Passenger demand. 
  • Route choice and assignment. 
  • Service design: Elements, operational parking, and stop location. 
  • Coordination and connectivity: Measures and analysis. 
  • Coordination and connectivity: Behavioral aspects. 
  • Network (routes) design. 
  • Designing short-turn trips. 
  • Smart shuttle and feeder service. 
  • Service reliability. 
  • Operational strategies and tactics. 
  • Future developments in transit operations. 
  • Answers to exercises.

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