Railway Transportation Systems Design, Construction and Operation

Railway Transportation Systems Design 

Pyrgidis, Christos N

Preference :

The development of railway technology reached an early peak and then was found to be in question. During the past decade it has not only managed to rise again, but also be on the cutting edge of technology in many countries. The term ‘railway transportation systems’ includes all means of transport whose rolling systems involve at least one iron component (steel wheels on rails or rubber-tired wheels on steel guideway). Because of this, this book examines only transport systems that have this particular characteristic in common.

Content :
  • Definition
  • Constituents
  • The Railway System Technique
  • Classification of Railway Systems
  • The Capabilities of the Railway System
  • Historical Overview of the Railway, and Future Perspectives
  • Classification of Loads
  • Vertical Loads on Track
  • Transversal Loads on Track
  • Longitudinal Forces

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