Reinforced Concrete Design: To Eurocode

Reinforced Concrete Design: To Eurocode 

W. H. Mosley

Preference :

The purpose of this book is to provide a straightforward introduction to the principles and methods of design for concrete structures. It is directed primarily at students and young engineers who require an understanding of the basic theory and a concise guide to designing procedures. Although the detailed design methods are generally according to European Standards (Eurocodes), much of the theory and practice is of a fundamental nature and should, therefore, be useful to engineers in countries outside Europe. The search for harmonization of Technical Standards across the European Community (EC) has led to the development of a series of these Structural Eurocodes which are the technical documents intended for adoption throughout all the member states. The use of these common standards is intended to lower trade barriers and enable companies to compete on a more equitable basis throughout the EC.

Content :
  • Introduction to design and properties of reinforced concrete
  • Limit state design
  • Analysis of the structure at the ultimate limit state
  • Analysis of the section
  • Shear, bond and torsion
  • Serviceability, durability and stability requirements
  • Design of reinforced concrete beams
  • Design of reinforced concrete slabs
  • Column design
  • Foundations and retaining walls
  • Prestressed concrete
  • Water-retaining structures
  • Composite construction

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