Basics of Foundation Design

Basics of Foundation Design 

Bengt H. Fellenius

Preference :

Before a foundation design can be embarked on, the associated soil profile must be well established. The soil profile is compiled from three cornerstones of information:
• in-situ testing results, particularly continuous tests, such as the CPTU
and laboratory classification and testing of recovered soil samples
• pore pressure (piezometer) observations
• assessment of the overall site geology

Projects where construction difficulties, disputes, and litigations arise often have one thing in common:
borehole logs were thought sufficient when determining the soil profile.

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Content :
  • Effective Stress and Stress Distribution
  • Cone Penetration Testing
  • Settlement of Foundations
  • Vertical drains to accelerate settlement
  • Earth Stress
  • Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations
  • Static Analysis of Pile Load Transfer
  • Analysis of Results from the Static Loading Test
  • Pile Dynamics
  • Piling Terminology
  • Specifications and Dispute Avoidance
  • Examples
  • Problems

Download Basics of Foundation Design free PDF


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