Fundamentals of Hydrology

Fundamentals of Hydrology 

Davie, Tim

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Quite literally, hydrology is ‘the science or study of’ (‘logy’ from Latin logia) ‘water’ (‘hydro’ from Greek Tudor). However, contemporary hydrology does not study all the properties of water. Modern hydrology is concerned with the distribution of water on the surface of the earth; its movement over and beneath the surface, and through the atmosphere. This wide-ranging definition suggests that all water comes under the remit of a hydrologist, while in reality, it is the study of freshwater that is of primary concern. The study of the saline water on earth is carried out in oceanography. When studying the distribution and movement of water it is inevitable that the role of human interaction with it comes into play. Although human needs for water are not the only motivating force in a desire to understand hydrology, they are probably the strongest. This book attempts to integrate the physical processes of hydrology with an understanding of human interaction with fresh water.

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Content :
  • Chapter 1: Hydrology as A Science
  • Chapter 2: Precipitation
  • Chapter 3: Evaporation
  • Chapter 4: Interception and Surface Storage
  • Chapter 5: Groundwater
  • Chapter 6: Soil Water
  • Chapter 7: Runoff
  • Chapter 8: Measuring Channel Flow
  • Chapter 9: Streamflow Analysis and Modelling
  • Chapter 10: Water Quality
  • Chapter 11: Water Resources in A Changing World

Download Fundamentals of Hydrology free PDF


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