Site Planning and Design, First Edition

Site Planning and Design, First Edition

Thomas Russ

Preference :

The character of site design is such that the profession requires a combination of applying one’s experience while always learning new methods and materials, and then educating peers, clients, and the public. Site design professionals more so than most other professionals are always faced with having their work reviewed and often modified by nonprofessionals. I recently sat in a meeting with representatives of a state department of education, all former teachers and not a planner or site professional among them. They were discussing the need to review plans prepared by professionals to be sure the plans were correct! Their primary concern was the environmental impact of school construction and seeing that the plan addressed this concern

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Content :
  • 1 Sustainability and Site Design
  • 2 Site Analysis
  • 3 Site Grading
  • 4 Designing for People
  • 5 Street and Parking Lot Design
  • 6 Infrastructure
  • 7 Landscape Restoration
  • 8 Site Layout
  • 9 Vegetation in the Site Plan
  • 10 Project Management Issues
  • 11 Historic Landscapes and Preserving Land
  • 12 Landscape and Culture

Download Site Planning and Design, First Edition free PDF


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