Matrix Methods of Structural Analysis

Matrix Methods of Structural Analysis

Nagarajan, Praveen

Preference :

Matrix methods of structural analysis are used for the analysis of the framed structures, i.e., structures composed of one-dimensional elements. The solution procedures used in this method are systematic and general. Hence, it is easier to write computer programs using this method. The matrix method of analysis is an important topic in the field of structural engineering. Proper knowledge in this area is necessary to understand advanced topics like finite element method, structural dynamics, structural stability, etc. The software available for the analysis of structures is developed using this method. Hence, it is necessary to have a background in this subject for the proper application of these software tools. This book deals with the analysis of structures using matrix methods. It is designed as an easy-to-read textbook for an introductory course in matrix methods of structural analysis for senior undergraduate and postgraduate students of civil engineering. It will be also useful for practicing structural engineers for the efficient usage of structural analysis software tools.

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Content :
  • 1. Introduction 
  • 2. Flexibility and Stiffness: Characteristics of Structures 
  • 3. Flexibility Method 
  • 4. Stiffness Method 
  • 5. Direct Stiffness Method

Download Matrix methods of structural analysis free PDF


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