Two Way Slab Design Spreadsheets to Eurocode 2

Two Way Slab Design Spreadsheets to Eurocode 2 

Two-way spanning slabs For rectangular slabs with standard edge conditions and subject to uniformly distributed loads, normally the bending moments are obtained using tabulated coefficients. Such
coefficients are provided later in this section.
 Main reinforcement for two way slabs designs in both directions.
This situation happen when slab were supported at all four span sides and
ratio long per short span less or equivalent to two. Bending moment and shear
force for two way slab depends on ratio ly / lx and extension between his slab
and supporter whether easily supported or constrained.Two way simply supported slab
 have a panel and easily
supported in edge and panel can lift upward when moment acting on
it, slab is supported by beam steel or extension between slab and non

monolithic beam. Moment only exist in center part of span.

Two way slab constrained have more than one panel or in
section slab edge can be prevent from lifted. This situation happen
when slab connected by monolithic with the supporter or slab panel
connected by monolithic between one and another and moment acting
at slab edge. This type of slab has four moment value at one slab
panel namely two moment amid span and two moment at direction x and y.


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