What Every Engineer Should Know About Excel

What Every Engineer Should Know About Excel 

Jack P. Holman

Preference :

This collection of materials involving operations in Microsoft Excel is intended primarily for engineers,
although many of the displays and topics will be of interest to other readers as well. The procedures have been generated randomly as individual segments, which were distributed to classes as the need arose. They do not take the place of the many excellent books on the subjects of numerical methods, statistics, engineering analysis, or the information that is available through the Help features of the software packages. Some of the suggestions offered will be obvious to an experienced software user but will be less apparent or even eye-opening to others. It is this latter group for whom the collection was assembled. Some of the materials were written for use in classes in engineering laboratories and heat-transfer subjects, so several of the examples are slanted in the direction of these applications. Even so, topics such as solutions to simultaneous linear and nonlinear equations and uses of graphing techniques are pervasive and easily extended to other applications.

Content :
  • Introduction
  • Miscellaneous Operations in Excel and Word
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Line Drawings, Embedded Objects, Equations, and Symbols in Excel
  • Solution of Equations
  • Other Operations
  • Financial Functions and Calculations
  • Optimization Problems
  • Data Management Resources in Excel
  • Office 365 and Integration with Cloud Resources

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