Bolts Connection Design Spreadsheet

Bolts Connection Design Spreadsheet

A bolt is a metal pin with a head formed at one end and shank threaded at the other in order to
receive a nut. On the basis of load transfer in the connection bolts are classified as:
 (a) Bearing Type
 (b) Friction Grip Type
 There are two types of bearing type bolts, namely,
 (i) Unfinished or Black Bolts.
 (ii) Finished or Turned Bolts.
 The shanks of black bolts are unfinished, i.e., rough as obtained at the time of rolling, while
turned bolts are obtained by turning hexagonal shank to circular shape. The bolt hole diameter is
only 1.5 mm larger than that of the shank in case of turned bolt. These bolts are used in special jobs
like connecting machine parts subject to dynamic loadings. For black bolts, diameter of bolt hole is
larger and are used in most of the work

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