Handbook of Geotechnical Investigation and Design Tables

This data is presented by a series of tables and correlations to be used by experienced

geotechnical professionals. These tables are supplemented by dot points (notes style)
explanations. The reader must consult the references provided for the full explanations
of applicability and to derive a better understanding of the concepts. The complexities
of the ground cannot be over-simplified, and while this data book is intended to be
a reference to obtain and interpret essential geotechnical data and design, it should
not be used without an understanding of the fundamental concepts. This book does
not provide details on fundamental soil mechanics as this information can be sourced
from elsewhere.

The geotechnical engineer provides predictions, often based on limited data. By cross
checking with different methods, the engineer can then bracket the results as often
different prediction models produces different results. Typical values are provided
for various situations and types of data to enable the engineer to proceed with the site investigation, its interpretation and related design implications .


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