Construction Method Statement template

Construction Method Statement template

The purpose of the Construction Method Statement is to outline our approach to managing the construction works for 13 Chepstow Villas, London. This document includes specific comments on the site establishment, logistics, and the process of managing the overall environment surrounding the property. It will also ensure that the construction works cause the minimum disruption to the adjacent residents with a safe working and living environment maintained. The agreed contents of the Construction Method Statement will form part of the development plan and will be agreed with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council. The Plan will constantly be reviewed and any changes or improvements will be added and agreed with the Council and the Plan revised and reissued.

 These proposals are to enable third parties to understand the nature of the works and the various construction activities associated with the development. This Construction Method Statement is subject to third party approvals and therefore amendments are likely. Formal approvals and activity methodology approaches will be addressed in detailed submissions to the design team and the Client. Liaison with the neighbours and interested parties will continue throughout the project, as information is updated and as the project develops. Particular attention will be paid to ensure that the neighbours are kept appraised of progress and future works on the project. The information provided in this document is an overview of the key project activities at Chepstow Villas. Generic statements herein are to be further developed into plans, procedures, and detailed method statements as the project develops. This Plan is to inform interested parties. It will be used as the background for the detailed construction method and risk assessments, and will be included in all specialist trade contractor portions of the works.

A solid hoarding will be erected to the front elevation of the site and along the boundary walls, with a personnel site entrance gate at the front. It will be painted and kept in a clean and tidy condition throughout the works. All hoardings/fencing will be regularly checked and maintained in a clean and tidy condition and signage will be positioned so it is clearly visible to warn members of the public of any potential hazards surrounding the site. The site accommodation will be located inside the property on the ground floor, leaving the pavement access to remain clear. The site will be maintained in a safe and tidy manner with the implementation of good housekeeping procedures regularly checked by our Health and Safety Advisor on fortnightly site inspections and be set up with temporary power, water and drainage throughout the duration of the works. We will also register the site under the Considerate Constructors scheme and we will therefore comply with the scheme’s Code of Practice.

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