RC Shear Wall Analysis and Design Excel sheet

RC Shear Wall Analysis and Design Excel sheet 

RC shear wall analysis and design excel sheet easy to use yet innovative construction spreadsheet is used to make the design of shear walls subject to wind and dead load combination. This shear wall design spreadsheet is very useful verifying constancy toward reinforced concrete structure.

 It takes huge time while measuring & then remeasuring wall stiffnesses, direct and torsional rotation component of force to then estimate reinforcement and concrete stresses for a single wall successively. This shear wall design spreadsheet can significantly decrease your design time.

 Presently, the sheet does not support the earlier version of excel like Excel 2003 and so on as these do not make out iferror function.

 This estimating spreadsheet contains the following exclusive characteristics :-

 An apparent and simplified output (all on a single page);
Design Reinforced Concrete walls subject to dead and wind load combination;
Enter highest and least safety factors for Dead Load toward most troublesome load combination;
Identify superstructure and substructure height. Wind load can be assigned to above ground part of structure;
 Identify length of wall ends obstructing tension;
Designs horizontal and vertical reinforcement;
Verify least/highest acceptable reinforcement areas;
'Live' wall diagram;
Design is created on the basis of British Standard


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