Building Services Handbook Fourth Edition

Building Services Handbook Fourth Edition

Fred Hall, Roger Greeno

Preference :

The capital and installation costs of building services in modern buildings can take up 50% of the total construction budget. For highly serviced buildings such as sports centres, this figure can easily exceed 75%. Services can also take up 15% of a building’s volume. Therefore building services
cannot be ignored. Architects have learnt to accept and accommodate the increased need for pipes, ducts and cabling encroaching on to their designs.
Some with reluctance, not least Louis Kahn when writing in World Architecture in 1964: ‘I do not like ducts, I do not like pipes. I hate them so thoroughly, I feel that they have to be given their place. If I just hated them and took no care, I think they would invade the building and completely destroy it.’ Not all architects have chosen to compete with the ducting and mechanical plant. Some have followed the examples of Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers by integrating it with the construction and
making it a feature of the building, viz. the Pompidou Centre in Paris and the Lloyds Building in London. Building services are the dynamics in a static structure, providing movement, communications, facilities and comfort. As they are unavoidable, it is imperative that architects, surveyors, builders, structural engineers, planners, estate managers and all those concerned with the construction of buildings have a knowledge and appreciation of the subject.

This book incorporates a wide range of building services. It provides a convenient reference for all construction industry personnel. It is an essential reference for the craftsman, technician, construction site manager, facilities manager and building designer. For students of building crafts,
national certificates and diplomas, undergraduates and professional examinations, this book will substantiate study notes and be an important supplement to lectures. The services included in this book are cold and hot water supplies, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, drainage, sanitation, refuse and sewage disposal, gas, electricity, oil installation, fire services, transportation,
accommodation for services, energy recovery and alternative energy. The emphasis throughout is economic use of text with a high proportion of illustrations to show the principles of installation in a comprehensive manner. Where appropriate, subjects are supplemented with references for further reading into legislative and national standards. Most topics have design applications with charts and formulae to calculate plant and equipment ratings or sizes.
Building Services Handbook Fourth Edition

Content :
  • Part One Cold Water and Supply Systems
  • Part Two Hot Water Supply Systems
  • Part Three Heating Systems
  • Part Four Fuel Characteristics and Storage
  • Part Five Ventilation Systems
  • Part Six Air Conditioning
  • Part Seven Drainage Systems, Sewage Treatment and Refuse Disposal
  • Part Eight Sanitary Fitments and Appliances: Discharge and Waste Systems
  • Part Nine Gas Installation, Components and Controls
  • Part Ten Electrical Supply and Installations
  • Part Eleven Mechanical Conveyors † Lifts, Escalators and Travelators
  • Part Twelve Fire Prevention and Control Services
  • Part Thirteen Security Installations
  • Part Fourteen Accommodation for Building Services
  • Part Fifteen Alternative and Renewable Energy

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