Building Design and Construction Handbook, 6th Edition

Building Design and Construction Handbook, 6th Edition

Frederick S. Merritt

Preference :

The sixth edition of the Building Design and Construction Handbook maintains the original objectives of previous editions which gained widespread acceptance among users. These objectives are to provide in a single volume a compendium of the best of the current knowledge and practices in building design and construction. This information would be of greatest use to those who have to make decisions affecting the selection of engineering materials and construction methods. Emphasis is placed on fundamental principles and practical applications, with special attention to simplified procedures. Frequent reference is made to other sources where additional authoritative information may be obtained, such as architectural and engineering societies, manufacturers associations, and the Internet. An extensive index is provided to assist the reader in locating topics within the book. Many new contributors and sections have been added in this edition to provide the reader with the latest developments and knowledge in the building industry. These developments include the expansion of data technology and communication systems within the building system, revisions to wind and seismic loadings, and an expansion of the information on fire sprinkler systems. To present the necessary information in a single volume, obsolete and less-important information in the earlier editions has been deleted. The editor is very grateful to the contributors, not only for their care, skill, and knowledge used in preparing the sections, but also for their considerable sacrifices of personal time to prepare the sections.

Sociological changes, new technology in industry and commerce, new building codes, other new laws and regulations, inflationary economies of nations, and advances in building technology place an ever-increasing burden on building designers and constructors. They need more and more knowledge and skill to cope with the demands placed on them. The public continually demands more complex buildings than in the past. They must serve more purposes, last longer, and require less maintenance and repair. As in the past, they must look attractive. Yet, both building construction and operating costs must be kept within acceptable limits or new construction will cease. To meet this challenge successfully, continual improvements in building design and construction must be made. Building designers and constructors should be alert to these advances and learn how to apply them skillfully.

Building Design and Construction Handbook, 6th Edition

Content :
  • System Fundamentals
  • The Building Team-Managing the Building Process
  • Protection against Hazards
  • Building Materials
  • Structural Theory
  • Soil Mechanics and Foundations
  • Structural Steel Construction
  • Cold-Formed Steel Construction
  • Concrete Construction
  • Wood Construction
  • Wall, Floor, and Ceiling Systems

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