Structural Dynamics Concepts and Applications

Structural Dynamics Concepts and Applications 

Henry R. Busby

Preference :

The structural dynamics texts currently available present material in a variety of manners and at various technical levels. Some are intended for use by undergraduate students, others for graduate students, and some primarily address specific areas such as continuous systems or thin plates and shells. This text is intended for use by advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students, and it includes material deemed most pertinent to the anticipated audience by presenting a variety of related topics for single- and multiple- degree-of-freedom systems. No previous knowledge of structural dynamics is required and all necessary background is assumed to come from required undergraduate engineering courses, making the text suitable for self-study. This text is intended to provide the knowledge necessary for establishing the equations of motion and determining the structural responses of systems resulting from dynamic loads. It is applicable to defining and understanding problems relevant to civil, mechanical, and aerospace engineering. Practicing engineers should have no problems using the material in this text as a reference.

Content :
  • 1. Single-Degree-of-Freedom Systems
  • 2. Random Vibrations
  • 3. Dynamic Response of SDOF Systems Using Numerical Methods
  • 4. Systems with Several Degrees of Freedom
  • 5. Equations of Motion of Continuous Systems
  • 6. Vibration of Strings and Bars
  • 7. Beam Vibrations
  • 8. Continuous Beams and Frames
  • 9. Vibrations of Plates
  • 10. Vibration of Shells
  • 11. Finite Elements and Time Integration Numerical Techniques
  • 12. Shock Spectra
  • Appendix A: Introduction to Composite Materials

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