Modern Construction Case Studies

Modern Construction Case Studies 

Andrew Watts

Preference :

In the context of tight budgets, complex geometries, high energy efficiency, and flexible user functions mean that the requirements for technical details, and their execution in modern buildings, are very exacting. Modern Construction Case Studies presents planned, under construction and completed, innovative avant-garde projects – all designed by internationally recognized architectural practices such as Zaha Hadid, BIG, Jean Nouvel, Gensler, Lab Architecture Studio, RMJM Architecture, Nordic Office of Architecture, and others. The case studies are analyzed in a structured way under technical criteria, using text, photographs, 3D illustrations, and diagrams. They provide inspiration for new approaches that also work for smaller-scale projects.

Content :
  • 1. Galaxy Soho
  • 2. Evolution Tower
  • 3. Hotel
  • 4. Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre
  • 5. Burjuman Tower
  • 6. Burj Alshaya
  • 7. Dance & Music Centre
  • 8. K. Çamlica TV Tower
  • 9. Meixihu IC&A Centre
  • 10. Federation Square
  • 11. New Port Centre
  • 12. City Museum Istanbul
  • 13. Burjuman Apartments
  • 14. KAFD Metro
  • 15. Grand Théatre
  • 16. The Avenues
  • 17. Stone Towers
  • 18. Holland Park School

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