Structure and Architecture, Third Edition

Structure and Architecture, Third Edition 

Angus J Macdonald

Preference :

This book on architectural structures seeks to provide the reader with both the technical background required to appreciate the role of structure in architecture and a discussion of all aspects of this role, including the contribution of structure to architectural form and style and its importance in relation to questions such as environmental sustainability. 
The intention is to give insights into both the methodology of structural engineering in relation to architecture and its historical development. Space does not permit that any of the topics be covered comprehensively. For example, the works of only a small number of the many engineers who have contributed prominently to Modern architecture have been included – chosen for their particular significance. Similarly, the discussion of structural theory covers only a few small aspects of that topic, again selected to allow broad conclusions to be drawn concerning the role of theory in the building process as a whole, and to give insights into its depths.

Content :
  • Introduction
  • The relationship of structure to building
  • Structural requirements
  • Structural material
  • The relationship between structural form and structural efficiency 
  • Complete structural arrangements
  • Critical appraisal of structures
  • Structure and architecture
  • Selected bibliography
  • Appendix 1: Simple two-dimensional force systems and static equilibrium
  • Appendix 2: Stress and strain
  • Appendix 3: The concept of statical determinacy

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