Structural Analysis and Design of Tall Buildings

Structural Analysis and Design of Tall Buildings 

Bungale Taranath

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All buildings have a unique appeal, even an air of romance and mystery associated with their design. Developments in the last decade have produced many slender high-rise buildings, demanding that particular attention be paid to their complex behavior under lateral loads. Economic considerations routinely call for leaner and sparser designs that increasingly challenge the design professional to come up with safe and economical structural solutions Structural Analysis and Design Tall Buildings; Structural Analysis and Design Tall Buildings Existing technical literature are limited and until now there have been no books that deal exclusively with tall buildings. Most handbooks have limited sections if any, on slender structures and their analysis. Many admirable textbooks are available that address the design and analysis of building components, such as beams, columns, and trusses 

Content :
  • 1. General Considerations.
  • 2. Wind Effect.
  • 3. Seismic Design.
  • 4. Lateral Systems: Steel Buildings.
  • 5. Lateral Systems for Concrete Buildings.
  • 6. Lateral Systems for Composite Construction.
  • 7. Gravity System for Steel Buildings.
  • 8. Gravity Systems in Concrete Buildings.

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