Durability of Concrete Structures Investigation Repair Protection

Durability of Concrete Structures Investigation Repair Protection

This book is concerned with the long term durability of concrete as a structural material as used in the construction of buildings, bridges, roads, marine and civil engineering structures. It discusses the fundamental reasons for the deterioration of concrete over time and available techniques for detecting, remedying and preventing the deterioration.

Traditionally the durability design of concrete structures is based on implicit rules for materials, material compositions,
working conditions, structural dimensions, etc. Examples of such ‘deem-to-satisfy’ rules are the requirements for minimum
concrete cover, maximum water/cement ratio, minimum cement content, crack limitation, air content, cement type and
coatings on concrete. These rules are sometimes related to the type of environmental exposure such as indoor climate, wet
exposure, presence of frost and deicing salts, sea water and so on. The purpose of all these rules has been to secure robustness
for structures, although no clear definition for service life has been presented.


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