Manual for the design of concrete building structures to Eurocode 2

Manual for the design of concrete building structures to Eurocode 2

This Manual provides guidance on the design of reinforced and prestressed concrete building
structures. Structures designed in accordance with this Manual will normally comply with
BS EN 1992-1-1: 20041 and BS EN 1992-1-2: 20042.
It is primarily related to those carrying out hand calculations and not necessarily relevant
to computer analysis. However it is good practice that such hand analysis methods are used to
verify the output of more sophisticated methods.
The structural Eurocodes were initiated by the European Commission but are now produced by
the Comité Européen de Normalisation (CEN) which is the European standards organisation, its

members being the national standards bodies of the EU and EFTA countries, e.g. BSI.

All Eurocodes follow a common editorial style. The codes contain ‘Principles’ and
‘Application rules’. Principles are identified by the letter P following the paragraph number.
Principles are general statements and definitions for which there is no alternative, as well as,
requirements and analytical models for which no alternative is permitted unless specifically stated.
Application rules are generally recognised rules which comply with the Principles and
satisfy their requirements. Alternative rules may be used provided that compliance with the
Principles can be demonstrated, however the resulting design cannot be claimed to be wholly in
accordance with the Eurocode although it will remain in accordance with Principles.
Each Eurocode gives values with notes indicating where national choice may have to be
made. These are recorded in the National Annex for each Member State as Nationally Determined
Parameters (NDPs).


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