Advanced Stress and Stability Analysis: worked examples

Advanced Stress and Stability Analysis

This book is not a collection of problems in the ordinary sense. The exercises
are not intended for beginning students in a “Strength of Materials”
course but for those who have completed the course. Neither does the book
intend to interpret a full coursev, but it draws the reader’s attention either to
some speci…c problems that are not at all included in the course, or to such
problems that often escape the student’s attention not only in the process of
training but also in their further engineering activity.
The problem complexity is also di¤erent. Some are ordinary problems and
others are rather complicated. Some of them require only common knowledge
and quickness of wit and others require application of primary aspects of
the theory of elasticity. Many of them are complicated at …rst glance, but
their solution may be found to be unexpectedly simple. In other cases the
at …rst glance obvious solution may be incorrect. Even experienced readers
may …nd themselves making mistakes. That is why all problems are provided
with detailed solutions for those who are interested in the principles of the
problem-solving process, or to provide the possibility for testing the obtained
results in case the readers intend to solve the problems in their own manner.
Experience shows that students are often dissatis…ed with the solutions
of typical problems presented in ordinary textbooks. Many students have
questions that are beyond the training course and require more fundamental
understanding. They naturally want to test themselves in solving more complex
and more interesting problems where alertness, knowledge, and intuition
are required. The book is aimed at the demands of those students, most of all.

New problems appear not at a writing-table. They arise as a result of new
developments and sometimes simply by friendly conversations, as a result
of opinion exchange and creative search of suitable statements. The author
was fortunate for encountering such kind discussions with colleagues and

specialists and extremely thanks his lucky stars and friends for that.

This is a book, written by the famous late Russian engineer and educator
Vsevolod I.Feodosiev, who formed the tradition of stress and stability analysis
for generations of engineers and researchers working in those …elds, where the
Soviet Union accomplished the greatest technological breakthrough of the
20th century – a race into space.
Prof. Feodosiev continued the best tradition of the Russian engineering
school with his innovative and unique concepts based on deep penetration
into the mechanical and practical nature of problems. Four times revised and
republished in Russia and translated into some languages, the book became
a classical desk text for training of top mechanical specialists. Written with
a great pedagogical skill, it gives to the reader a fresh and original outlook
on analysis of some advanced engineering problems.
The research and educational work of Prof. V.I. Feodosiev was carried
out in the Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU), where he
studied and worked for over 50 years. For a long time Prof. V.I. Feodosiev
was head of the Space Missile Engineering Department.
His outstanding ability, extraordinary memory and diligence revealed itself
quite early. Feodosiev’s …nal student project was quali…ed as a PhD thesis.
He was awarded his DSc degree for research in application of ‡exible shells
in machines when he was 27 years old.
For 50 years Prof. Feodosiev delivered in BMSTU his course of lectures
on strength of materials. His textbook of the course, republished more than
ten times, became the basic book on the subject for top Russian technical
universities and was awarded the State Prize. V.I. Feodosiev was awarded
also the Lenin Prize (the main scienti…c award in the Soviet Union) for his
contribution into fundamental tree-volume monograph ”Strength Analysis in
Mechanical Engineering”.
The fundamentals of strength and reliability in aero-space engineering
were published in his monographs: ”Elastic Elements of Precision Engineering”,
”Strength Analysis of High-Loaded Parts of Jet Engines”, ”Introduction
into Missile Engineering”.
Deep insight into engineering problems, clearness of concepts and elegance
of solutions enhanced by undoubted pedagogical talent are the main features
of Feodosiev’s style.


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