Handbook of Diesel Engines

Handbook of Diesel Engines

Klaus Mollenhauer,  Helmut Tschoeke

Preference :

This machine is destined to completely revolutionize engine engineering and replace everything that exists.(From Rudolf Diesel’s letter of October 2, 1892 to the publisher Julius Springer.)
Although Diesel’s stated goal has never been fully achievable of course, the diesel engine indeed revolutionized drive systems. This handbook documents the
current state of diesel engine engineering and technology. The impetus to publish a Handbook of Diesel Engines grew out of ruminations on Rudolf Diesel’s transformation of his idea for a rational heat engine into reality more than 100 years ago. Once the patent was filed in 1892 and work on his engine commenced the following year, Rudolf Diesel waited another 4 years until the Association of German Engineers provided him a platform to present his engine to the public at its convention in Kassel on June 16, 1897. The engine came to bear the name of its ingenious inventor soon thereafter.

The editors and publisher intend this English edition of the handbook to furnish readers outside 
German-speaking regions a scholarly and practical presentation of the current state of the diesel engine and its large range of applications. The handbook has not only been conceived for diesel experts but also ‘‘diesel laypersons’’ with prior knowledge of engineering or at least an interest in technology. Furthermore, it is intended to benefit students desiring a firsthand comprehensive and sound overview of diesel engine engineering and technology and its state of development.

Handbook of Diesel Engines

Content :

  • History and Fundamental Principles of the Diesel Engine 
  • Gas Exchange and Supercharging
  • Diesel Engine Combustion
  • Fuels
  • Fuel Injection Systems
  • Fuel Injection System Control Systems
  • Engine Component Loading
  • Crankshaft Assembly Design, Mechanics and Loading
  • Engine Cooling
  • Materials and Their Selection
  • Lubricants and the Lubrication System
  • Start and Ignition Assist Systems
  • Intake and Exhaust Systems
  • Exhaust Heat Recovery
  • Diesel Engine Exhaust Emissions
  • Vehicle Diesel Engines
  • Industrial and Marine Engines
  • Standards and Guidelines for Internal Combustion Engines

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