Advanced Excel Formulae and Calculations

Advanced Excel Formulae and Calculations 

George Walter

Preference :

An Excel book that taught you every possible option would be too large for you to carry. As you go through the material in the book, explore the different options and try different things, think about how you could use what is being taught in different environments. Don’t just click here and enter that, because that is what the book is telling you to do without thinking about what it is you are doing. Excel is so powerful and is capable of doing so many things. Be a free thinker and think about how you could use Excel to solve various problems. Throughout this book, you will be reading about an Excel topic followed by a practice. You can learn by reading, but to fully comprehend the different topics you should do the exercises. Many illustrations are included to make it easier to follow along and comprehend.

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Content :
  • Chapter 1: Becoming Acquainted with Excel
  • Chapter 2: Navigating and Working with Worksheets
  • Chapter 3: Best Ways to Enter and Edit Data
  • Chapter 4: Formatting and Aligning Data
  • Chapter 5: Different Ways of Viewing and Printing Your Workbook
  • Chapter 6: Understanding Backstage
  • Chapter 7: Creating and Using Formulas
  • Chapter 8: Excel’s Pre-existing Functions
  • Chapter 9: Auditing, Validating, and Protecting Your Data
  • Chapter 10: Using Hyperlinks, Combining Text, and Working with the Status Bar
  • Chapter 11: Transferring and Duplicating Data to Other Locations
  • Chapter 12: Working with Tables
  • Chapter 13: Working with Charts
  • Chapter 14: Importing Data
  • Chapter 15: Using PivotTables and PivotCharts
  • Chapter 16: Enhancing Workbooks with Multimedia
  • Chapter 17: Automating Task with Macros

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