Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 

Philip C. Jackson

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Are we intelligent enough to understand intelligence? One approach to answering this question is "artificial intelligence," the field of computer science that studies how machines can be made to act intelligently. This book is intended to be a general introduction to artificial intelligence (AI). The subjects for discussion are machines that can solve problems, play games, recognize patterns, prove mathematical theorems, understand English, and even demonstrate learning by changing their own behavior to perform such tasks more successfully. In general, this book is addressed to all persons who are interested in studying the nature of thought, and hopefully, much of it can be read without previous formal exposure to computers.

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Content :
  • Introduction
  • Mathematics, Phenomena, Machines
  • Problem Solving
  • Game Playing
  • Pattern Perception
  • Theorem Proving
  • Semantic Information Processing
  • Parallel Processing And Evolutionary Systems
  • The Harvest Of Artificial Intelligence

Download Introduction to Artificial Intelligence free PDF


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