Earth Reinforcement and Soil Structures

Earth Reinforcement and Soil Structures 

Colin J F P Jones

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The basic principles involved in earth reinforcement techniques are simple to grasp and have been used by man for centuries. Recently there has been major growth in interest in the subject due in part to the pioneering work of Henri Vidal in the development of 'Reinforced Earth', a term which is now widely used as a general description of this form of construction. The basic attributes of earth reinforcement which are of particular advantage in civil engineering are re- ductions in costs and ease of construction, coupled with a basic simplicity that provides an attraction to engineers. Recognition and interest in the subject have gained impetus because of the technical and commercial success that has been demonstrated by the practitioners. The concept of reinforcing soil has also attracted the attention of the academic world, for although the concept is easily grasped the theoretical aspects involved are numerous. As a result, much research and development work has been undertaken in Universities and laboratories and soil reinforcement is now recognized as a separate subject in its own right in the geotechnical field.

Content :
  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 History
  • 3 Application Areas
  • 4 Theory
  • 5 Materials
  • 6 Design and Analysis
  • 7 Construction
  • 8 Construction Details
  • 9 Costs and Economics
  • 10 Durability
  • 11 Examples
  • 12 Recent Developments

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