Project Risk Management: A Practical Implementation Approach

Project Risk Management: A Practical Implementation Approach 


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Growing worldwide competition in virtually every industry has raised the bar for developers and marketers of new products and services. This has led to the goal and pursuit of doing more with less, and thus intentionally taking more risk, which leads to the need for tighter project controls to succeed as a thriving business entity. Further, recognizing that project management competencies, tools, and techniques have evolved over time to enable more reliable and effective project performance raises the need to consider what best practices projects should employ to maximize their probability of success, and gain a distinct competitive advantage in today's marketplace. This book addresses these concerns in a very practical way.

Project Risk Management: A Practical Implementation Approach

Content :
  • CHAPTER 1: Practical Application of Project Risk Management
  • CHAPTER 2: Risk Management—Integral to Project Management
  • CHAPTER 3: Risk Definitions and General Categories
  • CHAPTER 4: Classical Project Risk Management Practices
  • CHAPTER 5: Determining Individual Project Risks
  • CHAPTER 6: Project Risks Influenced by the Project Manager and Project Team
  • CHAPTER 7: Project Risks Influenced by Organizational and External Factors
  • CHAPTER 8: Individual Project Risk Analysis
  • CHAPTER 9: Overall Project Risk Analysis
  • CHAPTER 10: Determining and Planning Project Risk Responses
  • CHAPTER 16: Example Project Case Studies

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