Structural Dynamics Fundamentals and Advanced Applications

Structural Dynamics Fundamentals and Advanced Applications 

Alvar M. Kabe

Preference :

The two-volume work, Structural DynamicsdFundamentals, and Advanced Applications is a comprehensive work that encompasses the fundamentals of structural dynamics and vibration analysis, as well as advanced applications used on extremely large and complex systems. Because of the scope of the work, the material is divided into two volumes. Volume I covers fundamentals, and Volume II covers advanced applications. The derivations are complete and rigorous, and the topics covered are those needed to become a learned member of the structural dynamics community and solve the complex problems encountered.

Content :
  • Introduction
  • Models and model adjustments
  • Structural dynamic models of large systems
  • Response recovery equations
  • Model checks
  • Analysis of continuous and discrete-time signals
  • Experimental structural dynamics
  • Probability and statistics
  • Dynamic response of complex systems
  • Vibration of continuous systems

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