Plasticity for Structural Engineers

Plasticity for Structural Engineers 

Wai-Fah Chen

Preference :

This comprehensive text addresses the elastic and plastic behavior of general structural elements under combined stress. It sets out to examine the stress-strain behaviors of materials under simple test conditions and proceeds to show how these behaviors can be generalized under combined stress. The topic of structural plasticity is presented in a manner that is simple and concise, encompassing the classical theory of metal plasticity as well as concrete plasticity. An unabridged J. Ross Publishing republication of the edition published by Springer-Verlag, New York, 1988, 606pp. Key Features - Outlines the finite element implementation of the generalized stress-strain relations for the solution of practical steel and concrete structural problems - Provides worked examples, end-of-chapter problems, answers to selected problems, and clear illustrations and tables - Includes important constitutive equations for structural materials and applications to steel and concrete structures - Offers examples of the most useful constitutive models and analytical methods

Content :
  • Part I — Fundamentals
  • Chapter 1 — Introduction
  • Chapter 2 — Yield and Failure Criteria
  • Chapter 3 — Elastic Stress-Strain Relations
  • Part II — Plastic Stress-Strain Relations
  • Chapter 4 — Stress-Strain Relations for Perfectly Plastic Materials
  • Chapter 5 — Stress-Strain Relations for Work-Hardening Materials
  • Part III — Metal Plasticity
  • Chapter 6 — Implementation in Metals
  • Part IV — Concrete Plasticity
  • Chapter 7 — Implementation in Concretes
  • Part V — Limit Analysis
  • Chapter 8 — General Theorems of Limit Analysis and Their Applications
  • Chapter 9 — Limit Analysis of Engineering Structures

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