Theory of Elastic Stability

Theory of Elastic Stability 

Stephen P. Timoshenko

Preference :

The best available guide to the elastic stability of large structures, this book introduces the principles and theory of structural stability. It was co-authored by the father of modern engineering mechanics, Stephen Timoshenko, and James Gere, who updated the materials and worked closely with Dr. Timoshenko. Relevant to aspects of civil, mechanical, and aerospace engineering, this classic covers the essentials of static and dynamic instabilities.

Content :
  • Beam-columns
  • Elastic Buckling Of Bars And Frames
  • Inelastic Buckling Of Bars
  • Experiments And Design Formulas
  • Torsional Buckling
  • Lateral Buckling Of Beams
  • Buckling Of Rings, Curved Bars, And Arches
  • Bending Of Thin Plates
  • Buckling Of Thin Plates
  • Bending Of Thin Shells
  • Buckling Of Shells

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