Design of wood structures ASD/LRFD

Design of wood structures ASD/LRFD 

Donald Breyer

Preference :

The purpose of this book is to introduce engineers, technologists, and architects to the design of wood
structures. It is designed to serve either as a text for a course in timber design or as a reference for systematic self-study of the subject.
The book will lead the reader through the complete design of a wood structure (except for the foundation).
The sequence of the material follows the same general order that it would in actual design:
1. Vertical design loads and lateral forces
2. Design for vertical loads (beams and columns)
3. Design for lateral forces (horizontal diaphragms and shearwalls)
4. Connection design (including the overall tying together of the vertical- and lateral-force-resisting systems)

Content :
  • Ch. 1. Wood Buildings and Design Criteria
  • Ch. 2. Design Loads
  • Ch. 3. The behavior of Structures under Loads and Forces
  • Ch. 4. Properties of Wood and Lumber Grades
  • Ch. 5. Structural Glued Laminated Timber
  • Ch. 6. Beam Design
  • Ch. 7. Axial Forces and Combined Bending and Axial Forces
  • Ch. 8. Wood Structural Panels
  • Ch. 9. Diaphragms
  • Ch. 10. Shearwalls
  • Ch. 11. Wood Connections—Background
  • Ch. 12. Nailed and Stapled Connections
  • Ch. 13. Bolts, Lag Bolts, and Other Connectors
  • Ch. 14. Connection Details and Hardware
  • Ch. 15. Diaphragm-to-Shearwall Anchorage
  • Ch. 16. Advanced Topics in Lateral Force Design

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