Fundamentals of Structural Stability

Fundamentals of Structural Stability 

George Simitses

Preference :

Knowledge of structural stability theory is of paramount importance to the practicing structural engineer. In тапу instances, buckling is the primary consideration in the design of various structural configurations. Because of this, formal courses in this important branch of mechanics are available to students in Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Engineering Science and Mechanics, and Mechanical Engineering at тапу institutions of higher learning. This book is intended to serve as a text in such courses. The emphasis of the book is оп the fundamental concepts and оп the methodology developed through the years to solve structural stability problems.

Content :
  • 1 - Introduction and fundamentals
  • 2 - Mechanical stability models
  • 3 - Elastic buckling of columns
  • 4 - Buckling of frames
  • 5 - The energy criterion and energy-based methods
  • 6 - Columns on elastic foundations
  • 7 - Buckling of rings and arches
  • 8 - Buckling of shafts
  • 9 - Lateral-torsional buckling of deep beams
  • 10 - Instabilities associated with rotating beams
  • 11 - Nonconservative systems
  • 12 - Dynamic stability

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