Innovative Earthquake Soil Dynamics

Innovative Earthquake Soil Dynamics 

Takaji Kokusho

Preference :

This book deals with soil dynamics in earthquake engineering including almost all aspects of soil behavior from the bedrock up to the ground surface necessary for engineering design of structures, wherein generally accepted basic knowledge, as well as advanced and innovative views, are accommodated. In recent years, a great number of earthquake observation data in surface soil deposits have been accumulated by newly deployed earthquake observation systems, particularly in Japan, demonstrating the significance of soil profiles and properties in site amplification and damage during strong earthquakes. Recent earthquakes have also presented a great number of case histories with new findings that may not be compatible with conventional knowledge, inspiring different views among investigators on the mechanisms of site amplification, liquefaction, and slope failure.

Content :
  • Chapter 1. Elastic wave propagation in soil
  • Chapter 2. Soil properties during earthquakes
  • Chapter 3. Soil modeling for dynamic analysis and scaled model test
  • Chapter 4. Seismic site amplification and wave energy
  • Chapter 5. Liquefaction
  • Chapter 6. Earthquake-induced slope failures

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